News Community based on a CMS (Tech News සිංහලෙන්) is an award-winning community-powered website along with an Android app that brings latest tech news in the Sinhala language. Users can contribute to post latest news and news readers can get the latest updates to their mobile devices through deployed apps, they can also use the website as normally to read the news through a web browser. (Tech News සිංහලෙන්) Case Study Photo Homepage
Screenshot of the homepage. (Tech News සිංහලෙන්) Case Study Photo Article View
Screenshot of a article. (Tech News සිංහලෙන්) Case Study Photo Community Index
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New content is being constantly adding everyday by many users and the updates to the website and corresponding mobile app updates are also being carried out on weekly basis.

The website recently won the Best Media, Sports & Entertainment Website award in Sri Lanka's 2019 Competition.